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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Tia 2 Big!!

Taaaaaaaaaachi....Taaaachi.To remain impartial she also says Tachi..momomom...Cant imagine how quickly our little one became 2 BIG:)
The way she says Sheeesus(for Jesus) must have really moved the heart of God. As a full time FATHER, she was very easy to bring up.Her Cbeebies friends really helped us.
IGLE PIGGLE,MAKAPAAKA,UPSYDAISY,TOMBLIBOOS....teletubbies all became a part of her small mind.

The way she responds to music is what is amazing. She hums Tittee titee.lile star..I caaaath aa my cares upon uuuuuu...She loves everyone who sings and if someone sings they will grab her attention.

Teddy bear teddy bear turn around,if you're happy and you know it,Diggg it,Can you do the kangaroo are her favorite actions songs.

She loves pancakes and chicken...Very adventerous in chasing a cat and trying to slide from a slope.When she is around,she changes the atmosphere.

Many a time HAVE PATIENCE..and I CAST ALL MY CARED ministered to both of us.

We are so thankful to God for our dear thyaathe kooku and pray for the anointing to rest on her.

we love u

taaachi n momomom

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Being a worship leader

I love worshipping God. When I hear a piano being played, my heart pounds.My eyes get popped out and look out for some opportunity to sing a song which I know will touch God's heart.
In Church Services a worship leader plays a major role in invoking God's presence. A person far away from Christ when He feels the presence of God as the worship songs are sung, commits to Jesus. Healings and deliverance takes place when a worship leader inspires the congregation to SING IT OUT and SPEAK IT OUT.

As worship leaders we should have a constant thirst and hunger for His presence.Only when we are drenched in His presence can we radiate His glory and power.
Many worship leaders have forgotten their call.They get busy in their wordly commitments and forget the House of God.

Sadly these days I have seen many worship leaders involved in "Self projection". They just take it as a SUNDAY SHOW OFF. They try their best to have a "different" beard and then a different COSTUME. Try almost aligning their style to a secular mode, Some tips to be what God has called you to be as a worship leader.

1.A worship leader is strongly planted and rooted in the Church He belongs
2.A worship leader raises up Musicians and leads his team first into worship.
3.A worship leader will have a "consistent" walk with God.
4.He doesnt envy others , but observes and implements best practices
5,He is not a "crowd pleaser" but a "Christ pleaser"
6.He is a quick learner and an active learner.He learns and tries writing new songs..
7. He sets the platform for God's word to be spoken in power
8. A worship leader should tap into the PASTOR's vision and should be the best person the PASTOR can trust in

I love leading worships,I love people experiencing His life changing presenceIf you are a worship leader, I pray that God's fresh anointing will fall on you and you will bless many with His presence.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Glow Today!!-Our House- His presence

"Do not let your hearts be troubled. You believe in God[a]; believe also in me. 2 My Father's house has many rooms; if that were not so"(John 14:1-2)

Even after weeks of not being at her house,once she is back,she jumps with excitment.She runs around the rooms which she is familiar,jumps in the mattress, takes her small chair sits on it. The world might be very big and attractive outside, but nothing can substitute the joy my little one has once she is home.
We may have great pleasure in our education, career,houses and cars we own and wealth we earn, but there is nothing that can compare to the joy we get in His presence.You feel at home in His house,all our troubles will vanish.You feel His gentle presence wherever you turn.His embrace and His power all around.You run with joy and you will never trade this experience for anything else.

 "Father we pray that we will love to be in your presence everyday and every moment of our life.Help us to just fall in love with your beauty and powerful presence.Bless us this day.In Jesus' name-Amen"

Wednesday, May 04, 2011

The 2 worlds!!

For a believer who puts his trust in Jesus , he is usually influenced by 2 worlds
1)The Natural world and 2)The Spiritual world.
The Natural world is his routine.Office,work and pressure. He lives in this everyday. Competition,office politics,deadlines,appraisals, Bank balance, family,budget,finance etc. He struggles to make a living and this world usually spans from Monday to Friday.

The Spiritual world is what the person sees and experiences in his church life.The doctrines that are taught, the atmosphere in the church and all shapes up this world.It is usually shaped in the 2 or less hours he is in the church.
He struggles to find the reason for existence and purpose of life.He sees Spiritual experiences that are mind boggling.Preachers pushing, people falling,demand for money in the form of seeds,wrong doctrines and what not , struggling soul is not eased but it gets more of a struggle.Am not in anyway against any of the above mentioned but this is what a normal person feels.

The biggest challenge is not to get imbalanced by the effect of these 2 worlds. A Man has to have a personal relationship with God. He cannot and should not ignore his spiritual self. It should not be at the mercy of the natural world or the spiritual world.It should be led and taught and fed by the precious Spirit inside.The preachers or the appraisers will not stand by you on the great day of Judgement.Our Church life should get you closer to God and our natural life should cause us to trust and lean on God.

1)Seek ye FIRST the kingdom of God and its righteousness. A righteous life is what God looks for important
2)Have a proper time of prayer and meditating His word
3)Examine every spiritual doctrine you see and come across.Dont be skeptical or judgemental.However, its very important not to leave the foundation of God's word.
4)Get involved in the vision of the local church you get into.May the work of God be strengthened through the combined efforts
5)Pray that God will maximise your potential in every way and increase your influence so that many will come to the knowledge of the savior.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Ashes-Fainting for God!!

"My soul yearns, even faints, for the courts of the LORD; my heart and my flesh cry out  for the living God."(Ps 84:2)
Our commitment to a cause depends on the passion we have.For an average Christian his weekly commitment to God stops by attending a 2 hour service at church.Some find noble reasons to even skip a Sunday Service.The week days give him no room to even think about God's house and the divine purpose God has for them.The sons of Korah as they pondered and looked at the tabernacle, developed a longing for His presence.They were not satisfied with just a look, just a visit.Their passion for God increased as time went by.The thirst, their passion was for God and His presence and not for any riches, name or fame  the world could offer.All other commitments in life were aligned to be committed to God and His presence.

"Precious Lord, how beautiful is your presence. It just amazes us today. Lord, help us to long for your presence and  your glory.Life is short,as we worship you we commit our lives to serve you-In Jesus' name -Amen"


Ashley Benjamin,
Your Light, Your Hope, Your Church

While climbing a mountain..don't look back,you may get scared,don't look at the top of the cliff,you might think you can't make it..look beyond that, look above and take one step at a time!!YOU CAN CLIMB AND CLAIM THE MOUNTAINS

Ashley Benjamin,
Your Light, Your Hope, Your Church

While climbing a mountain..don't look back,you may get scared,don't look at the top of the cliff,you might think you can't make it..look beyond that, look above and take one step at a time!!YOU CAN CLIMB AND CLAIM THE MOUNTAINS

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